Teaching Artistry for Communities

In this course, we explore the role of the teaching artist. Teaching Artistry involves a set of principles and practices carried out by artists that expand the notion of artistry beyond artistic excellence. Teaching Artistry is concerned with procuring audience and learner engagement beyond those fortunate enough to have a background that prepares them to care about the arts. Teaching artists activate the artistry of others and guide that creative energy into accomplishing multiple goals, changing lives, and enhancing arts careers in the process.

Through a combination of live classes, reading assignments, formative assessments, and an assignment, Cohort Members explore the philosophical and educational bases of Teaching Artistry, as well as practical issues for effectiveness in real-world settings.

The goal of Teaching Artistry for Communities is to design and carefully prepare an optimum Community Concert for the assigned organization from the Leaders-in-Residence network. Cohort Members work in teams to craft a concert that is a perfect fit for their assigned organization—they prepare an ambitious but achievable “whole package” that can advance their community connections. This deliverable is given to them as a customized gift, in thanks for their open and generous disposition with their group. In preparing it, Cohort Members put to use all the concepts introduced in this course. Part of the creativity of the challenge is to identify a just-right creative event (with preparation and follow-up that would extend its impact) that would help this organization deepen its connections with a key community it wants to connect to more deeply.

  • Accreditation: Swiss Private Course
  • Total workload: 50 hours
  • Requires extra purchases (outside texts, etc.): No, all materials included
  • ID verification: Required
  • Admission requirements: Application required
  • Minimum education requirement for students: Undergraduate